Monday, 10 February 2014

Musical Monday #47

I have noticed that my dialogue at one of my works is getting a bit weird.  I have to say the same phrases over and over again, and somewhere along the way I started pronouncing ‘pounds’ as ‘punds’ while I completely miss the second syllable from ‘very’ when I say ‘thank you very much’. 

Does this mean as the months pass I will drop further vowels from The Speech?

I often refine my phrases, but sometimes go too far, going from the cumbersome ‘And there’s your receipt’ to an abrupt ‘RECEIPT!’ 

Will eventually I just mime what needs to be expressed?

And now for a very fun musical number:

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better from Annie Get Your Gun

What boring phrases do you have to repeat at work?


  1. Why does "singing sweeter" mean "singing about Khan, the famous Star Trek villain"? (Or possibly, "singing in an attempted-British accent".)

    1. I can't decide if she's taking the piss.


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