Monday, 3 February 2014

Musical Monday #46

The Hill philosophises:

Whew, long day at work(s) today.

Now to relax with an inspiring Musical Monday:

Part Of Your World Reprise from The Little Mermaid

And don’t forget, Prince Eric is Spider-Man!

Black Cat is AWESOME!  Who's your favourite Spider-man character?


  1. I would point out that Martin Landau is the Scorpion, because WHAT THE HELL?, but I'm not sure he is in that clip!

    God, the sound quality is tragic. Spidey sounds drunk. :\

    1. It seems to get worse as it goes. He sounds slow and deep at the end there but all right to begin with. I didn't have much variety to choose from, as I wanted a clip with Black Cat in it as well.

    2. I changed the clip! Better sound quality and still featuring the Black Cat.


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