The Author

WHO AM I, you ask?

I’m LJ Conrad: unpublished writer extraordinaire.

All this might change if I ever bother getting something published, but writing stories is eight thousand times more fun than trying to get one published, so, y’know, don’t hold your breath.

I identify as:

  • Writer, 
  • Vegan (this word gets twisted quite a lot; the part I identify with is the compassion towards other living beings part, i.e. friends not food, i.e. live and let live, i.e. killing, maiming, torturing, abusing or abducting others is bad),
  • Gender Neutral,
  • Lazy.

I’m good at:

  • Caring more about fictional characters than real people,
  • Putting things in alphabetical order,
  • Getting distracted by squirrels.

I’m bad at:

  • Talking on the telephone,
  • Clapping in time,
  • Running, at all.


Me, because I can’t imagine anything more fascinating than me. 

I’m The Decoy follows the frivolous adventures of all three of my facets: Creativity, Compassion and Criticism.  

Look to the right and you’ll see a list of stuff I tend to talk about ----->

And in a tab up above are my one-sentence reviews for all of the films I have ever seen.  Whelks.

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