Monday, 24 September 2018

Musical Monday #181

I love it when the plant turns its nose up...

Grow For Me from Little Shop Of Horrors

Monday, 17 September 2018

Musical Monday #180

In season 2 of Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Greg reveals he is an alcoholic, which suddenly seems obvious when you look back at season 1.  He gets help, but then he leaves forever.  Even though he was in less than half the show, I still miss him.  :'(

Greg’s Drinking Song from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 

Monday, 10 September 2018

Musical Monday #179

It's my birthday tomorrow, so I wanted to pick a musical number that in some way means something to me or I just really like and after watching about twenty different videos I got musical fatigue and decided to just go with something from Singin' In The Rain, coz it's one of the greatest musicals ever made, which is astounding considering it's just a dumb jukebox musical.

Good Morning from Singin' In The Rain

What I love about this number is that it's just three friends mucking about, having fun, like you might (if you were an amazing dancer and lived in a mansion).  You hear all these stories about what a cruel musical director Gene Kelly was and about crying and bleeding feet, but none of that seeps into the scene itself.  It's just a joyous demonstration of friendship.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Musical Monday #178

While selecting today's musical number, I seem to have fallen down a rabbit hole of youtube videos - specifically essay videos analysing comedy shows, which are never as interesting as they sound, because who wants to analyse comedy?  I had to study comedy during my English A-Level and the conclusion I came to then was the perfect way to kill a joke is to explain it.  I'm also fairly certain that the only thing I did for that module was photocopy Garfield comic strips.  Did you know I got an A at English A-Level?  My teacher was shocked too.

Anyway, here you go:
Experience from Road To Rio

This is kind of interesting because the song itself has the potential to be funny on its own, by subverting our expectations of where it is going, but then instead the gag of the number is the cartoon-logic of how a trumpet that had fallen in some washing up would work.  Oh no!  I'm trying to analyse comedy.  Let's get out of here.

I wonder what that dress looked like in colour?