Monday, 25 February 2019

Musical Monday #195

I'm glad there's going to be another season of Bojack Horseman, my sometimes-favourite modern show.  I hope it will be to Season 5 what Season 4 was to Season 3.  My general overview of the show so far has gone: Season One: Great. Season Two: Settled in so even greater.  Season Three: Bit too dark.  Season Four: Fantastic.  Season Five: Whatthehellwasthatwhatwereyouthinkingwhy?

Here is that time the opening credits were the opening credits to a different 'show':

Kyle And The Kids from BoJack Horseman, episode 'Escape From L.A.'

Okay so season five wasn't bad - it was still funny and smart - it was just really, REALLY dark, and I already didn't like it when the show got too dark.  It also felt like there were less background animal puns floating around.  And I didn't super 'get' the ending where we follow Diane instead of BoJack even though every other season ended with BoJack, so maybe the show is outgrowing me intellectually.  And it only had the one standout episode (the funeral monologue one obviously), and even that wasn't as mind-blowing as their previous standouts like the silent underwater one or the Alzheimers one (in fact season 4 has multiple standout episodes).  And I don't know exactly what social commentary is being made by forcing the audience to watch BoJack slipping out of touch with reality, like when he starts wearing his Philbert costume all the time even in the starting credits, while none of the characters notice him spiralling.  Plus I don't know how best you can handle an asexual plotline, but as an ace, I find the over explaining of Todd's sexuality like you're watching an educational video is quite poor.  And basically, with the exception of Princess Carolyn I guess, they didn't go where I wanted the characters to go, or where I thought they were going from the end of season 4.  Plus, how do you come back from the main character nearly murdering someone?

Monday, 18 February 2019

Musical Monday #194

In news that is only exciting if you are me, I have a new computer!

The last time I got a new computer was 2005, so I'm preparing for a whole new world of modernisation.  The old PC has mostly served me well, expect all the times when it sucked, but things came to a head when in 2019 it stopped being able to open Word documents, which is kind of crippling when you're a writer and everything you have is a Word document.  It's also the reason why there haven't been any Musical Mondays for a few weeks, because my list of ones I've already done so I don't keep repeating myself is also kept in a Word document.

So welcome back and here's...

Knock On Wood from Casablanca
Written by M.K. Jerome and Jack Scholl and performed by Dooley Wilson and Elliot Carpenter.