The Characters

The Decoy (aka LJ Conrad)
The Author of I’m The Decoy.
Hat of choice: homburg.

The Decoy also occasionally appears in Teen form:
And Child form:
The Evil Twin - El Jay 
The Decoy’s nemesis/inner voice/criticism.
Hat of choice: top hat.

The Good Twin - Con. Rad
The Decoy and El Jay's better third/conscience.
Hat of choice: cavalier.

The Housemate (aka Gareth Rafferty)
The Decoy’s best friend/platonic partner.  Author of Neil Is The Best Dalek.

Hat of choice: fez (which he liked before Doctor Who did it).

A mindless fruit.
Hat of choice: it’s a grape, it doesn’t have a head.  Although it’s kind of hairy (is it a gooseberry in disguise?).

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