Sunday, 16 February 2014

Wrong Again

I keep siding with the wrong characters.

Do you ever sympathise with the 'bad' guys?


  1. Sympathetic villain syndrome. You're not alone. I've watched stuff before where the hero just gets so annoying I end up rooting for the villain - The BBC Robin Hood series for example. Ugh. Marion, just marry Guy of Gisborne for God's sake.

    I'm not sure I'd like Tom to eat Jerry though! How could you, Rebecca?

    1. It wouldn't make a difference. Tom *has* eaten Jerry before and Jerry still survives. Or am I thinking of Sylvester and Tweety?

      My absolute favourite Tom & Jerry cartoon is The Million Dollar Cat (1944) where Tom inherits a million dollars, provided he never harms a living thing, including mice. So Tom lives the rich life and Jerry deliberately torments him, knowing that Tom can't do anything. Eventually Tom snaps, attacking Jerry, reflecting that even though he's throwing away a million dollars, it is better to be happy. I only ever liked the ones where either Tom won, or they teamed up, or at least both got a comeuppance, or the status quo was resumed. I hated the ones where Jerry won - the worst being one set in the French revolution which ends with Tom being beheaded at the guillotine. :O


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