Sunday, 2 February 2014

B is for…

So far, A is for Artful or Aspiring.  (More comments welcome on that one.)

Which ‘B’ do YOU think best encapsulates me?

Answers in the comments, please.


  1. Lovely labels, Little Miss Self-Esteem.

    On that note, you're Big-Headed. But that's okay: there's lots in there. (Also, nice work with the eyebrows.)

    You're Bright. (And so am I for recognising what is, I'm sure, a Frasier reference.)

    The last one made me laugh aloud. So Brilliant too, I guess.

    ...and I think we're coming back around to Big-Headed.

    1. I call you Mr Indecisive.

    2. You know it is a Frasier reference, although a slightly subconscious one


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