Monday, 22 April 2013

Musical Monday #5

We all know that weather affects our moods.

Children go insane when they see snow.  The Housemate gets mad because snow is his nemesis. 

While I adore the creepy night sky when snow comes, because it is like an eternal twilight*.

* I hate that that word has been ruined.

The sun and blue skies make us beam.  A burst of sunlight through a cloud evokes the divine.  While an unrepentant beating sun is a symbol of death. 

Overcast skies make us frown and sap our energy but cloud shapes inspire the imagination.

Wind is ghostly and terrifying, sometimes actually becoming a destructive monster we can see.

Lightning is sexy and liberating, or ominous and horrifying.

Rain makes us sad, sometimes, but other times it’s glorious.  Tucked up cosy inside while a storm beats against the walls can be delicious. 

After the rain is over, children love to jump in puddles and spying a rainbow reduces us all to idyllic youthful zeal at the magic in the air.

I saw this on Thursday:

And sometimes, when I’m caught in the rain, I trudge, damp and despondent, just wanting to get home, my trousers sticking to my legs uncomfortably, water lashing against my face, stinging me, clogging my breathing, chilling me. 
But then I remember what you’re supposed to do in the rain, and I cheer right up.

Singin’ In The Rain from, uh, Singin' In The Rain

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