Sunday, 21 April 2013

Top Shelf Books

Quite a while back, I decided to read all The Books on The Bookshelf.  A strange idea that had never occurred to me before.

I have arranged books roughly (the really tall books mess this up) so that the ones I haven’t read at all go at The Bottom, the ones I’ve either only read once or haven’t read in years go in The Middle, and the ones I’ve read at least twice in recent memory and still enjoyed go at The Top.  All the ones that I don’t really enjoy get sold or given to charity.  The Aim is to eventually only have Top Shelf Books (by which I mean I want all The Books I own to be good enough for The Top Shelf, not that I only want one shelf of books).

It’s a slow process, because firstly I’m not a very fast reader, secondly I usually read before bed but that’s when The Housemate and I watch films or TV so sometimes I’m too tired, thirdly the middle stage means I have to read a book more than once before it gets to reach The Coveted Top Shelf Spot and I have to leave a decent amount of time between readings, fourthly since The Lodger moved into The Living Room I have rediscovered The Library so am spending even less time reading books I actually own and fifthly* when I start on a book I don’t really enjoy, instead of giving up and moving on, I linger and get bored and then end up not reading anything at all.

* this word is too similar to filthy.

Anyway, I’ve decided that since this process may take forever (since I do get new books sometimes) that I had better start blogging about The Books that do make it to The Top Shelf as they get there.

So The Very Next Post will be the first in the series of  ‘Top Shelf Books’ posts.

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