Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My Mii Addiction

Due to The Lodger in The Living Room, I have recently had to move all my stuff into my bedroom.  As such I have just connected The Wii up to The Television on The Desk and opened up a whole new area of procrastination.

But it gets worse.

I had too many miis already.  Apart from The Me-Mii, I had

Hugh Mann:

An alien posing completely convincingly as a human being
Because when The Housemate and I first met we had a bizarre running in-joke about Cary Elwes

Based on a character from one of my stories, because I HAVE NO LIFE.

Also based on a character from one of my stories.

From when Doctor Who Series 3 was on TV and I was obsessed with Martha Jones for some reason.

From when Heroes Series 1 was on TV (so back when I liked it).
The Doctor:

From when Doctor Who Series 5 was on TV (back when I briefly liked Doctor Who).

But I visited The Brother and The Sister-In-Law and The Niece and The Nephew on The Weekend and happened to see a freaky-looking mii on their wii.  The Brother explained this was a mii he had downloaded and that it was impossible to make.

So I went home and decided to see if I could make one.

And I did.

TV Face:

I then made a mii that looked like another of The Downloaded Miis The Brother had shown me.


Then I decided to see what I could make myself from The Imagination, now that I was getting to grips with The Challenge of mii-making.




The most pointless mii yet, because if I wanted to play as Wario (and I always do, baby) I’d use the real Wario.

Then I had a look at some of the amazing miis other people had made and saw a few that made me laugh, so I tried to make my own miis that looked similar.

Dr Mental:

Skull Face:




I’m addicted.  I haven’t gone a single day since The Weekend without making a new mii.  Mostly between The Hours Of Midnight And 3 A.M.

And finally, I decided to update The Me-Mii to look more like The Hill:

Help Mii.


  1. I too went on a Mii kick when we first got our Wii. We've got a Poirot, Al Swearengen, Sharpe and many others. Where did you download the new features from (or rather, From where did you download the new features?)?

  2. You can view and download miis made by other people on the Mii Contest Channel. After that, it's just a matter of working out how to make different faces with such a limited amount of eyes and noses and eyebrows etc. It's inspiring what some people are able to do with such simple tools.

    The trouble is - when do we ever have time to actually play with these miis? We need to have Wii parties where we force our guests to play as one of the many amusing Miis we have created.


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