Monday, 15 April 2013

Musical Monday #4

It's Musical Monday time again and today's little piece of cheer comes from Guys And Dolls, a musical I don't know whether I like or not.

I first saw Guys And Dolls performed by Portsmouth Grammar School and it was hilarious.

Then I got The 1992 Broadway Cast Recording and was surprised to find it was a lot less hilarious than I was expecting, so I figured that it must have been The Dialogue that was funny rather than The Songs.

At some point before or after then (who remembers) I read a bunch of Damon Runyon's short stories and was right back in The Hilarious Camp again.

Then I saw the film of Guys And Dolls and was a bit disappointed.

Then I watched On The Waterfront and was really impressed with Marlon Brando so I watched the film of Guys And Dolls again and this time found it pretty hilarious, although I could quite happily see The Songs cut and the film would probably be the better for it.

So it might seem odd that I've chosen a musical number from Guys And Dolls as The Fourth Musical Monday, but this particular scene has a romantic character being incredibly annoying and that sure cheers me up.

If I Were A Bell from Guys And Dolls

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