Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Happy Birthday, The Housemate!

This is a special birthday post dedicated to The Bestest Friend In The Whole Wide World, The Housemate.  I know this isn’t quite as amazing as the Back To The Future party I threw him last year, but I can only be so amazing at any one time.

Oh, sorry, I’m probably meant to be saying nice things about The Housemate rather than about myself.

But, y’know, when something’s true…  I am pretty great.

Anyway, I have known The Housemate for seven and a half years now.

Jeez!  Seriously that long?

I remember exactly how we met
apparently we actually met before that

but I don’t remember that.

What I do remember is shortly into 2005, after seeing The Producers and having The Epiphany, I met a guy with far too much hair whose profile picture was him (he) in a fez and I read some of his writing and I saw that he was a genius.

And although he does some things that annoy me
I know that I annoy him too

and we have been through too many triumphs for that to be a problem

The Housemate is witty.  Funny.  Warm.  A brilliant writer.  A good person.  He does impressions.  He can play the piano by ear.  He thinks Back To The Future is the greatest film ever made.  He’s fantastic.  When he’s not leaving sticky jammy bits on the OUTSIDE OF THE JAR. 

He might always 100% of the time beat me when we play Mario Kart, but then I always 100% of the time beat him when we play Battleships.  He introduced me to The Divine Comedy.  We agree with each other more than we disagree.  We’re Frasier and Niles. 
He gets me.  And I get him.

So, thanks, The Housemate and Happy Birthday.

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