Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Books And Cake

As part of reading all the books I own in a completely random but comprehensive order, I’ve been reading Schott’s Almanac 2008 from cover to cover.  It’s split into thirteen sections and I’m pained to discover I have only just reached the sixth section. 

There’re only so many facts and figures I can take in one go, so I’ve been reading one section, then having a break by reading a fiction book.  As such, I have just finished reading the novelisation of Back To The Future Part II.  I can say honestly and positively that it is far better than the novelisation of the first film.  But, it’s still a novelisation. 

It’s weird reading a book that is constantly reminding me of how much I’d rather be watching a film. 

But I did learn something new about the film, and it’s always exciting to learn something new, especially about something that you’ve known better than your own family for two decades. 

So here it is.  Ready to have your mind BLOWN?

The old guy that Marty meets in the future, who is collecting for the clock tower and gives Marty the idea about gambling on sports in the past to make money, is the same character as the guy in the 50s who fixes Biff’s car after he crashes into the manure.

I know.  Wow.


I don’t think I need to keep this particular book in my collection…  If I ever finish section six of this damn almanac, The Next Fiction Choice is going to be for grown ups.  Or as grown up as my book collection gets, anyway.


In other news, The Housemate, this housemate:

is having a birthday this week.  So I’ve been thinking about what sort of cake to make him.

In 2007, I made him this:

Herbie from above
In 2009, I made him this:

It was supposed to be the TARDIS
I used a whole bottle of food colouring and that's as dark a blue as I could get.
In 2011, I made him this:

It's a Back To The Future reference!
Awesome, right?
Hmm, actually that means I only do a ‘special’ cake every other year, which means I have this year off.  Excellent.

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