Sunday, 17 June 2012

I Like

Y’know, I have no idea why I started that sentence like that.  I was being facetious for no reason.  I like the word ‘facetious’.  It has all the vowels in it and in alphabetical order.  A fact I knew many many years before I had a clue what the word ‘facetious’ meant.  Yes, that’s the kind of nauseating nerd I was when I was a kid.

Let’s start again.

People often accuse me of not liking anything.  Okay, maybe not often, but it has happened.  They also say:

that’s a paraphrase from The Road To El Dorado, by the way

I know they’re just being defensive.  I like lots of things and I think about those things too, but no one ever says I think too much when I like something. 

Although even when I like something I can still be critical.  That’s a sign of intelligence, surely?  To appreciate something on its merits is a worthier form of liking than to just blindly like it no matter what.

So when I finish something I like, I should talk about it.  I have a blog after all.

Here are two things I like.  McCain Crispy French Fries and Jacob’s Savours Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Bakes.  Bet you weren’t expecting me to talk about food, were ya?  But it’s true.  I could easily eat a whole box of those crackers without even a topping, just through snacking, and those chips are gorgeous.

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