Monday, 17 March 2014

Musical Monday #52

This is the 

Monday of Musical.

Which means I have been doing Musical Monday for a 

That’s right, the 

has gone all the way round the 

(well near enough) since the first Musical Monday.

That makes a lot of sense because Musical Monday is here to cheer us up and I needed a LOT of cheering up about a year ago.

So, has life improved since then?

Yes, yes it has.  For one thing, I am now employed so can afford things, like cinema and eating.

So let’s celebrate with a musical number (well duh).  Here’s one of the most impressive musical numbers from film:

Consider Yourself from Oliver!

And no, there’s no reason why I drew everything as vampires.

What have you achieved in the last year?


  1. 2013/2014, probably not a heck of a lot...

    2014/2015, uhh...

    2015/2016, now we're talking! Moved out, new job, proved my brain hasn't dried up and dropped off by being good at the job.

    2016/2017, more of... that stuff.

    1. Yeah, I hate questions like that. What have I achieved? Not dying.


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