Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Meet 2019

When we get to the new year, most people I know now don’t even bother with resolutions, since we all know no one ever sticks to them.  They just sort of say ‘I had good times with family last year, here’s to more’ or ‘I am exercising well at the moment, I will keep doing that’ which is presumably a sign that they are actually already achieving the things they want.  Well done them.  You win life.

For several years in a row my vague resolution was just ‘do better’.  Then I tried actually listing stuff I wanted to achieve and still didn’t do anything about it, so this year I’ll go for somewhere between the two, which is ‘those things you want to do? Do them, do them more, do them better, do them at all.’

I wrung (is that right?) in the new year, kneeling on my pillow, watching a panorama of fireworks across the town from my window, thinking about how I see so many memes about using silent fireworks so you don’t traumatise animals etc, but they sure don’t seem to have caught on.  And then I recalled that I am a pet owner now, and I raced downstairs to check that my babies were okay, and clearly they couldn’t care less.  Jump a mile when you make a kissey noise they weren’t expecting, but no visible sign they even noticed the bombardment of explosions.  I guess rat hearing isn’t strong enough to hear that far?

Well anyway, after sleeping in all morning (whoops), I have started off the year by writing birthdays on my new (rat) calendar.  Hopefully I will fill it with many interesting things that I will actually do.

For example, according to the random ‘holidays’ pre-printed on to the calendar, did you know that this month sees such exciting events as Epiphany, Martin Luther King Jr Day, Burns Night, Australia Day and International Holocaust Remembrance Day?  I looked up the names and then the dates on Facebook events and apparently the only one that is observed around here is Burns Night, which could be fun in theory, particularly since vegetarian haggis is a thing, except for all the non-vegetarian haggis and whisky and poetry that will be there, which pretty much sounds like a room in Hell to me.

Now I’ll go check the ‘what’s on in Hampshire’ site to bookmark a bunch of events I will never go to.  Oops, wait, that’s 2018 thinking.

Well that’s my obligatory first post of the year over with.  I wonder how far I will get before I get bored of blogging again…

Now tell me, friends, what are your plans for 2019?

How will you be celebrating Martin Luther King Jr Day and Australia Day?


  1. I intend to visit my grand mother over MLK weekend. Australiar Day isn't a thing, but blood donor month evidently is. I go tomorrow afternoon to a drive.

    1. So is MLK a public holiday? I want to say that I wish we had some of those in the UK, but we get 'bank holidays' and I have to work them anyway so it wouldn't make much difference. While blood drives are obviously important and any way to advertise them a good idea, having a themed month seems weird, since blood is needed all year round.


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