Wednesday, 2 January 2019


Yesterday I looked back at my resolutions from 2018 (found here).  Last year I said to tune in this year to see how I did.  Spoiler alert, not very well.

1. Send stuff off to get published like all the time, instead of not doing that.

Uh, well, I think I entered maybe three or four writing competitions... and submitted zero things to agents or publishers.  Not quite the 100 attempts I should be going for per year.

2. Spend more time with my friends; visit the local ones, penpal the distant ones.

I have spent more time with one pair of friends due to us having a weekly Buffy The Vampire Slayer RPG.  But then we haven’t arranged the next session (apparently RPGs tend to fall apart after the sixth session and we seem to be following suit.  Which is pretty annoying because I switched characters halfway so have barely started my character ark) but as for the others, I have either not seen them at all or only once, and I didn’t penpal anyone, unless you count Xmas cards.

3. Get fit; possibly not by joining the gym because it is £40 a month which is INSANE, but if not then replace the broken wii and use the wii fit daily and on nice days use the outdoor gym that is NEXT TO YOUR FLAT.

I am not fit, although I do so much heavy lifting at work I have discovered that I can carry quite heavy stuff without too much stress.  I did get a new wii (we took all our unwanted DVDs to CEX which happened to equal exactly the amount they were charging for a wii – if however I had known that the majority were ‘selling’ for 1p, I wouldn’t have given them to CEX, but strangely enough the employee didn’t mention this).  But I haven’t used the wii fit in months.  As for the outdoor gym, it is always crawling with children even though they literally have their own playpark in the same park.  I did email the local college about their gym but I don't think I ever even read the reply.

4. Use the, how many is it now? Got be 20 at least, cookbooks you own to make new and interesting and healthy meals instead of eating the same two frozen dinners every night until you come to regard dinner with dread and loathing.

I did cook a bunch of new recipes from one of my cookbooks, but I have yet to put any into regular circulation.

5. Read more books. Don’t stop reading for months at a time just because Frankenstein was boring.

I did read more for a little bit and I even took to reviewing them on goodreads.  But then I got to another boring book and it wiped me out for the rest of the year.  Gotta stop doing that.

6. I nearly had ‘tidy up after myself’ in the list, but, you know, who am I kidding.

I didn’t put this as a resolution, because I knew I wouldn’t do it, but I still don’t pick up after myself and I am now drowning in rubbish.

In conclusion, although I did try a bit, basically I failed at all my resolutions, or certainly failed to keep at them consistently.

So as with all my work, looks like I need to play catch-up on the stuff I haven’t done as well as trying to achieve new things.

So, can I achieve any of these goals this year?  To be honest, before I try anything, I really need to clean and tidy the house which has become a complete dump since the rats moved in.  That's right, blame it on the rats.  Poor little scapegoats.

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