Monday, 28 October 2013

Musical Monday #32

Welcome to The Hallowe’en Edition of Musical Monday.

I’ve never really celebrated the ‘holiday’ particularly since the idea of extortion, sorry, I mean trick-or-treat has been a scary concept from either side of the door.  Plus, I can’t eat most generic sweets so The Appeal of the holiday was quickly lost on me as a kid when even if I did get any loot I’d just have to give it away immediately.  

But I do like fancy dress.  I was trying to remember Hallowe’en costumes of The Past, but I struggled quite a lot to remember any.  Which brings me back round to I guess I’ve just never really bothered with it.

I have a vague notion then when I was very small I dressed up as a ghost, and by dressed up I mean I put a blanket over The Head.

This was quite an important costume though because I’m fairly sure The Blanky sacrificed its life for it.

As a teenager during The GCSE Years I went with the terribly original costume of a black cat to possibly the first Hallowe’en party I’d ever been invited to

(and since it was actually the birthday of the host, it doesn’t count).

During college I went to possibly the only other Hallowe’en party of The Life in pale clothes, went into the bathroom and transformed The Costume into that of a blood-soaked maniac.

I did get fake blood on the host’s bathmat, but skillfully, uh, didn’t mention this.  Sure they never worked out who did it.

In Year 1 of uni, I went to a club for probably the last time in The Life with The Flatmates, all dressed as ‘robbers’.

But for some reason we actually went a week before Hallowe’en so nobody understood why we were dressed up.  To the L-A-Z-Y extent that we were.

And talking about L-A-Z-Y, in Year 3 of uni I wore a top hat.

Yup, that was The Costume.  A hat.
(and even then I was asked to remove it by the bouncer before I was allowed in the pub)

And that is an exhaustive history of a Hillesque Hallowe’en.

So on with The Hallowe’en Musical Monday.  Something scary maybe?  How about going to a dinner party and getting possessed into a dance number:

Day-O from Beetlejuice

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