Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Back To The Future: The Game

I'm really having to limit The Posts until I get a new, non-spiteful, mouse, which I plan to do this week.

But I do HAVE to post today just to say

I had a slightly bad day today, nothing very bad, just a little bit poopy,

so when I got home I decided to crack out the Back To The Future game I received for The Birthday, which seemed like a good idea since I was wearing a Back To The Future T-shirt.

I'm sure I have mentioned before that I like Back To The Future quite a bit.

Such as here.

It is the greatest film ever made.  No debate.

There are good films and bad films and it's all a matter of opinion.  But then there's Back To The Future.  It is The Perfect Film.  It's funny, exciting, thrilling, romantic, emotional etc etc.  Something for everyone.  It has the full emotional range and a mix of pretty much every main genre, and the fact that it's all hiked up to the extreme makes it EXPLODE.  This is the only film that makes The Heart race in every exciting scene and I've seen it dozens of times.

In 2010 I had reached a stage where I didn't feel it could do anything new for me, and then I saw it on the big screen for the first time and the whole experience was refreshed. Click here to see the post about that.

And today I had a similar experience.  I was not keen to play the Back To The Future game when it came out last year (or whenever) because it didn't have Michael J Fox as Marty.  I love Back To The Future, I love Marty, I love Michael J Fox and he's a brilliant voice-over actor, so I was really put off.  But I got the game for The Birthday so today I popped it on and I am sorry, Game, I should never have judged you.

Until today I had no idea I wanted a Back To The Future Part 4, but that's what this is and it is like that refresh experience again.  Just when you think you've had all the Back To The Future magic there is, somebody goes and makes more.  Right from the start it got to me, emotionally, and I thought

(I promptly accepted the new Marty voice - it might not be Michael J Fox, but it's still Marty McFly)

and with the references and the music it's just exciting being in the same room as it, and it's genuinely funny too, and so far the plot really feels like YES, this IS what Part 4 would be.  It feels... I dunno, earned.

I'm not saying it's the greatest game ever made; it's a point and click narrative game, which isn't going to be for everyone, particularly on the console, but I'm not a game connoisseur: I'm a Back To The Future connoisseur, and this, I tells ya, is Back To The Future.

I don't know how the entire game will hold up, because I'm only 1/5 of the way through,

but today...

It made The Day.

It made The Day in the way only Back To The Future can.

I can't even recall the poopiness of this morning.  I will remember this day as BACKTOTHEFUTUREAWESOMEMAGICFEELING Day.

Thank you, Back To The Future, you're my hero.


  1. The only fault with the story is that in Back To The Future Part II, Doc says time travel is too dangerous, because they keep changing history, so they mustn't do it any more. And in the game, pretty much every five minutes they accidentally muck up history. So why is Doc time travelling in the first place? He KNOWS this kind of thing happens. Will there be an explanation for his recklessness, or is it just a necessary hurdle to ignore if you want more Back To The Future? After all, he does go and make a giant time-travelling train at the end of the third film for some reason. The guy just loves time travel.

  2. I love Telltale games. You should check out their addition to the Monkey Island series and the Sam & Max games, as well. So much fun.

    1. Judging from the greatness of the Back To The Future The Game (which I've now finished) I'm sure they must be good - so much thought went into this game. But honestly (as opposed to deceptively...) I'm not much of a gamer. Other than party games, I'm quite happy just sitting in front of The Sims. Or I would be, if it still worked on The Computer (sobs uncontrollably).


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