Monday, 23 April 2018

Musical Monday #162

I had a mildly tempestuous relationship with season 2 of Crazy Ex Girlfriend, for a little time feeling like I had become Crazy Ex Girlfriend’s crazy ex-girlfriend.

I had binged the entire first season in one weekend (sometimes The Housemate goes away and Netflix becomes my new best friend).  I started off with season 2 the same way and came to a crashing halt shortly after as I suddenly realised at the end of his penultimate episode that my favourite character was about to leave the show for good.

Savvy people who knew which actor was only signed to a one-year contract saw this coming.  I was totally blindsided.  In utter shock and horror, I stopped watching.  I don’t deal well with losing a beloved character.  I still haven’t forgiven Due South for losing Ray and I’ve never watched a single episode of Jonathan Creek after Maddie left.

But Crazy Ex Girlfriend is such a good show that I missed it, so I watched some youtube videos ABOUT the show, which eventually convinced me to continue. 

And, y’know, it’s still really good.  (Although part of me will always be waiting for Greg’s glorious return).

So here are my favourite songs from season 2.  It was a little easier to pick than season 1, because while the songs are still really good, I wouldn’t say they were all so perfectly brilliant as every song in season 1, and because my absolute favourite song of the entire series is in season 2 (I tear up EVERY time I see or hear this song), so I only had to pick another two songs to accompany it.

The following song perfectly encapsulates how the audience is feeling:

 Who’s The New Guy? from Crazy Ex Girlfriend, episode ‘When Do I Get To Spend Time With Josh?’

The following song is spread across the whole episode, which is why it’s a bit disjointed as a youtube vid.  Despite their delightful teasing with reprises, so far, this song is the only time the show has had a song that keeps coming back in one episode, which makes it kind of special:

 Santa Ana Winds from Crazy Ex Girlfriend, episode ‘Josh Is The Man Of My Dreams, Right?’

The following song was censored in the actual episode.  Several songs have explicit and slightly more family-friendly versions, generally to swap out the F-word for something more benign or to avoid sexually explicit references.  I have no problem with that because generally the explicit versions are gross.  But in this case, the word the censors have a problem with is ‘shit’.  Is shit even a swearword?  How is that something that has to be censored, but the word ‘bitch’ is allowed all the time?  Shit doesn’t even mean anything particularly bad, whereas bitch is a horrible, belittling term.  Screwed up censors if you ask me.  Anyway, this is the only song that is bleeped rather than rewritten, because the rude bit is irreplaceable.  Luckily, youtube provides us with the proper, un-bleeped version.

 It Was A Shit Show from Crazy Ex Girlfriend, episode ‘When Will Josh And His Friend Leave Me Alone?’

See you next week for season 3...

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