Monday, 8 May 2017

Musical Monday #134

And carrying on our theme of 'losing your mind' here is a scene from a movie called Rose Marie.  The character Marie de Flor is performing a scene from Tosca in which Tosca thinks her lover is faking his death but has in fact been executed.  She appears to be performing this to an audience of Tosca buffs who can easily tell that she is losing it, when frankly you'd think that was all sort of within the theme of the show.  Anyway, Marie is having a mental breakdown because she risked her life to save her brother, who had killed a man, only to fall in love with the man hunting him, a man who betrayed her and took her brother off to his presumable execution (I dunno, that's the last we hear of him).

'Act III of Tosca, from Tosca’s entrance' (with bits of Indian Love Call) from Rose Marie

But don't worry though because after a few months of being mentally broken, her lover returns to her and they can live happily ever after, even though he's still responsible for dooming her brother and demonstrably doesn't put her needs first.  Yeah, great.

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