Friday, 15 November 2013

THE 200th POST!

This post, yes this one that you’re looking at right NOW, is my 200th post.

Ooh, 200.

You may (not) remember that for my 100th post I did nothing at all, so I thought in a reverse of tradition, I’d do an extra super special post for my 200th.

Be sure to tell your friends.

So here it is, just for YOU, a little story about The Hill having writer’s block and asking all my many many friends who are real and not a collection of action figures if they have any good ideas to progress the plot.

(besides which, what kind of a stupid place to land is the damn MOTORWAY?)

Well, there’s Paul Metcalf and Adam Svenson, obviously.
But they weren’t too helpful.

Heathcliff and the guys of Spectrum, Wile E Coyote, Marvin, Ariel, Loki, Sebastian, Daffy, Marion and… friends, Captain Scarlet torch, Snoopy, Little Bagpuss mouse, Indy, Mini, Daffy, Jeremy, Little Mermaid guys and two of Amy Pond, Feathers McGraw, Martha Jones, Milo Thatch and two Timons, Doc Emmett L Brown, Woodstock, Rory Williams and Sherlock Holmes, Victor, that dog of Victor’s, Wario and two of Smithers, Philip, some of the Doctors, Pumbaa and even more Doctors, Bugs Bunny, the Master, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Bugs Bunny and Professor Snape, Wario, Twink, Rainbow, Wario and Leonardo, Tiny Captains Black, Scarlet and Blue, Wario and Zazu?

...No ideas.

He said ‘How hooby groovy is that?’

Creepy Snoopy with no eyes that I got out of a giant Kinder egg in Germany?
What about you, McDonalds Snoopy?  Any good ideas?

Mufasa and Simba, any ideas how to make my story more…
I guess you’re busy, I’ll come back when you’re alone. 

Simba, right, ready to hear your idea.
No?  Still thinking huh?  That’s all right, I’ll come back later. 

Okay Simba…
seriously, still nothing? 


Gabriel, any ideas? 

Oh that’s great.


You know you’re only here BECAUSE THEY DON’T MAKE NATHAN TOYS.



Thomas and James?

Tom, you’re creative, any ideas…
uhhh, actually never mind. 

Egyptian cat God, anything? 

Disgruntled Bear? 
Uh, I’ll come back when you’re more… convivial. 

You’re always good for a story.  Remember that time at university when I was blocked and you came up with that idea for that poem?  Of course, I can’t write poetry so that wasn’t actually helpful at all, I mean THANKS A LOT FOR THAT WHY AM I EVEN ASKING YOU FOR…
 awwww, I couldn’t stay mad at that face.

(the following video is appalling quality – I blame blogger)

Brainstorming with Woody:

I have got to get some new friends.

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