Friday, 22 May 2020

Why I Never Became An Actor #8

Reason Number 8: Believed in destiny over perseverance.

Considering The Inability to sing or dance, irritation at taking direction, squeamishness at stage kissing and generally not getting any good roles, it might make you wonder why I was so set on being an actor for the first seventeen or so years of The Life.

But you see, I was destined for the stage.

Although looking back I can only wince at The Terrible Performances, at the time people I barely knew would quite often come up to me and tell me how good I was at acting and no one ever did that to me about ANYTHING else.*

I was destined for the stage.  

I knew this because when I was five, I was in The First Production.  I was dressed as a robin.  All I had to do was climb up the steps to the stage, do a quick circuit with a little girl also dressed as a robin and freeze.  Gradually more animals and plants were added to the scene until a huge vista of natural environment as portrayed by toddlers was created.

But as I climbed The Large Steps, The Short Legs couldn’t make it, The Foot missed The Step and I fell.  SMACK.  I hit the stage painfully.  The audience gasped, then held in the breath, waiting for the tantrum.

And a message came to me clear out of the air, forming forcibly in The Mind and it was all I knew. 

The show must go on.

So despite the pain, I lifted The Self up, performed The Circuit, held The Freeze-Frame and didn’t cry.

*I mean at that time. I have been complimented since then many times about my writing and about my work.

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