Monday, 27 February 2017

Musical Monday #124

And now, finishing off the February love theme, is a musical number that bored me to DEATH when I was a child.

A Whole New World from Aladdin

Exactly how long did dumb dumb Aladdin think he could pretend to be a different person?  Jasmine cottons on before he even whisks her away for this romantic carpet ride.  He makes no attempt whatsoever to act differently, but he wants to marry her.  How far into the marriage was he hoping to get before the fact that Prince Ali looks, sounds and acts exactly the same as Aladdin was going to become obvious?  Or does he think Jasmine is as dumb as he is?


  1. At least Clark Kent wore glasses. Aladdin wears a HAT.

    1. He even takes it off in front of her several times. But Prince Ali's hair is a bit more combed than Aladdin's - Clark Kent did something similar.


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