Monday, 13 June 2016

Musical Monday #107

Today's musical number is set over one afternoon by the logic of the rest of the film so I can only presume that Calam and Katie are wizards, particularly when it comes to making flowers grow.

A Woman's Touch from Calamity Jane

This song is often used as a gay metaphor, which I can kind of see from the two women living together angle etc (after all, two men only have to appear in the same screen for hordes of slash tumblr memes to be born), but it is somewhat marred by the fact that at the end of the song, Katie specifically says everything they are doing is to impress men.  Also the plot of the film is about these two women fighting over the same man (who is a total douche by the way).  Secret Love works a lot better for the gay metaphor song, if you have to find one.  And anyway, a woman can dress and act like a man without being gay.  Calam is more of a gender queer hero than a gay one.

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