Monday, 11 April 2016

Musical Monday #99

Here for Musical Monday is a pretty good song from a scene that is totally inappropriate for a Disney movie - a bunch of thugs smoking and drinking while watching a stripper - from a film that came out of the 80s, right after Disney nearly went under for the awful films such as The Black Cauldron and before their big come back with The Little Mermaid.

Let Me Be Good To You from Basil, The Great Mouse Detective / The Adventures Of The Great Mouse Detective.

I always thought Basil was rather rakishly dashing in this scene.  Y'know, for a mouse.

Did you ever have a cartoon crush?


  1. It's been years since I saw that movie. I'd forgotten that scene. Never even registered anything untoward about it when I was a kid - but I guess that's because strippers were kind of ubiquitous in 1980s action movies, and I saw this film around the same age I would have seen Beverly Hills Cop etc.

    When you first mentioned "mouse burlesque", I thought the likeliest candidate would be Fievel Goes West (, as that has a lot of scenes in a saloon. Disney being more risque than Don Bluth! Who'd have thought!

    1. I think the 80s were probably the darkest era of Disney cartoons. In The Black Cauldron you actually see blood! Normally people just get sleepy and lie down. And at the end of Basil when Ratigan is mostly monstrous rat, that's pretty terrifying. While The Fox And The Hound is like Zootopia without the moral.

      I watched Fievel Goes West when I was younger because it contained James Stewart's last role (as, shudder, 'Wyatt Burp'). I seem to recall there was an odd 'grooming' kind of relationship between a man cat and that little girl mouse.

    2. And I'm going to guess that Basil is the only Disney hero who smokes.


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