Monday, 18 April 2016

Musical Monday #100

Wow, we've had a 100 Musical Mondays!  Here to entertain us today is everyone's favourite attempted murderer.

'Attempted murder.  Now honestly, what is that?  Do they give a Nobel Prize for attempted chemistry?'

HMS Pinafore from The Simpsons (episode: Cape Feare)

 I can't believe it has been over twenty years since this first aired. 

Where were you in 1993?

Wait, 1993?  That means Cheers-spin-off Frasier and best-sitcom-ever had only just started!*

* Actually, it hadn't even started yet.  This episode of The Simpsons came out in July and the pilot of Frasier came out in September.  Because you wanted to know.


  1. I don't recall much about 1993. I suppose I'd have been just going nuts about Doctor Who, with the thirtieth anniversary.

    Oh goodie, he found a way to talk about it again.

    Jurassic Park hadn't come out yet. Or had it? It was around then...

    1. 1993 was my last year in first/infant school and first year at middle/junior school. I read the book 'The Queen's Nose'.

  2. 1993 was, I believe, the year of Jurassic Park. It was not a good year for me.

    I only quite recently realised how many of the songs sung by The Animaniacs were based on Gilbert & Sullivan ones...


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