Sunday, 27 March 2016


A few years back, I gave Second Life a go, thinking it would be like a version of The Sims (which I am completely addicted to) that I could actually get inside.

Of course it is nothing like that at all.  I quickly became unbelievably bored.  

The main appeal was in creating my avatar, because I was able to design it to look fairly accurately like my favourite of my own fictional creations The Shovel, down to the grey skin and over-sized eyes.  

This was immediately thwarted however because I had to pick a gender, and The Shovel is one of a race of beings who are gender-neutral.  

In fact, the only good that came of the brief dip into Second Life as The Shovel was in finding a pair of goggles, which I believe were from an 11th Doctor costume.

And I realised that antique/steampunk goggles are the greatest thing in the universe and that the life won’t be complete without them.

Oh well.

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