Thursday, 25 September 2014

Birthmonth Day Twenty-Five: Memories Are Made Of This


One day I went with The Usher to a local theatre to see

Memories Are Made Of This (New Theatre Royal/29th March 2010)

It was advertised as something to do with memories of the local area, or of the theatre, which appealed to me because I like local history because knowing where we’ve been helps define where we are going, and because anachronisms are cool, and because I’m totally obsessed with the World War II Home Front stuff, it being the setting of The Amazing Novel that three agents have declined so far, so I thought it could be a good research opportunity (by the way, it wasn’t).

It appealed to The Usher because you got to wander all over the theatre, even the bits the public don’t usually go into, and stumble on random skits.  I think it was supposed to be partially guided but since The Usher had spent a lot of time in the theatre she decided to be The Guide (which may have led to us missing out on things, frankly).

And it appealed to both of us because it was free.

A really cool idea.  Really cool.  Don’t remember any of it.

Kinda ironic, ain’t it.


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    1. I thought I better point it out just in case. In case you didn't see. What I did. There.


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