Sunday, 14 September 2014

Birthmonth Day Fourteen: Dolly West’s Kitchen

Uh-oh, puberty.

Since I know a generally arty crowd, actors and writers mostly, with the occasional musician and artist thrown in for good measure,

I have been to see a few shows that came about while The Friends were studying their arts.

  • Dolly West’s Kitchen (by Frank McGuinness/Mountview Theatre School/Pleasance Theatre, Islington/23rd May 2006) – of which The Main Memory is that sand dunes were created by putting sheets over stuff, which worked surprisingly well, and also that The Butler kissed his housemate (which is one of those reasons I wouldn’t have made a good actor – you want me to kiss people I don’t fancy?  Gross).

  • MA Acting Showcase 2009 (LIPA/Criterion Theatre, Piccadilly/7th May 2009) – of which The Main Memory is that one of the interpretations of Beauty and the Beast involved a guy’s girlfriend cheating on him with a woman, but then he forgave them both for the sake of friendship, and that we (me, The Housemate and The Butler) had great fun rudely labelling each actor with one trait as if we were total jerk casting directors.

  • The Perfect Present (written by Gillian Pencavel/Rising Lights Theatre Company/Third Floor Arts Centre, Portsmouth Central Library/19th May 2010) – of which The Main Memory, apart from never knowing there was a theatre in the library, is that the perfect present is apparently a ring and that there needs to be a sequel to find out what happened to the two elves who escaped Santa’s workshop.

What creations of your friends have you seen?  (and did you like them?)


  1. My main two memories of that acting showcase are:

    1. Commending my friend on his "handcuff acting", which reminded me of Heath Ledger's Joker. He was, as I recall, not going for that - but pleased anyway.

    2. Being really impressed by the mysterious "heartbeat" sound effects they had added to the show throughout. These were, in actuality, just the Tube running by the Criterion Theatre. In other news, I don't go to London very much.

    1. You are easily impressed by hands.


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