Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Well It’s Tom Something.

I started talking to a fan of The Blog on the internet last year.  I tweeted that I went to see Iron Man 3 wearing The Loki T-Shirt because I’m so cool and The Fan made a looking ‘low key’ joke, I tried to think of something funny to say back, he said The Blog was funny, I proposed marriage (I don't know how to handle compliments) and off we went, but the whole Loki thing was always at the heart of the interaction.

 Then, shortly after, while waiting for a bus with The Housemate, we were discussing what we look for in a partner (he likes redheads and I like short dudes*, in case you were wondering)

The Housemate did manage to solve his confusion of these two actors having slightly similar names.

So now you all know which ‘Tom’ it is that I like.

Although, recently I was reminding The Slayer that he owes me a boyfriend (coz he does).

*and this is in no way influenced by our first crushes on characters in films**

**I’m lying; it is.

And yes, I said I'd marry a squirrel.

Who's your favourite Tom?

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