Monday, 16 June 2014

Musical Monday #64 and #65

There was no Musical Monday last week due to

Uh, NO.  It was nothing to do with evil.  I was on holiday.

So anyway, as is tradition (it’s a tradition if I do it more than once) when I miss one Monday, here are two musical numbers today.

First a song from one of Disney’s most toothless of films, but so damn catchy I had it stuck in my head for a month:

Following The Leader from Peter Pan

and this wonderfully random credit sequence from an episode of 30 Rock:

Kelsey Grammer from 30 Rock, episode Idiots Are People Two!


  1. You do realize you're a cartoonist, right?

    1. I generously allow myself to say I'm a writer despite little evidence to back this up - cartoonist would be several thousand steps too far into blatant lying. I'd accept 'doodler'.


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