Monday, 12 May 2014

Musical Monday #60

So I’m reading this field guide to mammals book at the moment – I was reading it during my lunch break at work and came across a diagram of skulls.  It’s a pretty weird diagram because first of all I was given this book as a kid because I loved animals so darn much so being encouraged to examine dead decomposed animals is just creepy.  And second it says that the bones of small mammals can be found in the pellets of birds of prey and inside discarded bottles and drinks cans and can be used to tell these small creatures apart (because they look too similar with their skin on) but the diagram, while starting with a rat and a shrew, next has a dog and a horse.  Now I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure I could tell the difference between a rat and a horse without the need to see their skeletons. 

And exactly how big a discarded drinks can is a HORSE going to get stuck inside?  And third, it turns out that shrews, when down to just the skull level, look an awful lot like the alien from Alien.

And then I turned the page and discovered a half page illustration of poo.

And now for Musical Monday,

Today’s being taken from that weird film that dubs children playing adults with adult voices but only when they sing, because that all makes perfect sense:

Down And Out 
from Bugsy Malone

What embarrassing thing have you been caught doing at work?

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