Saturday, 26 April 2014

Why I Never Became An Actor #5

For The Final School Production (that I was in – it’s not like the school exploded after this), a teacher/teaching assistant (I can’t remember – I only ever had one previous interaction with her:

was head of make-up. 

It was half an hour to curtain up.  I went over.
She stared at me. 

She pointed to the dancers.

That’s right.  I hadn’t been recognised by The Dance Teachers.  Despite being The Head Cheerleader, I hadn’t been included in any of The Cheerleading Routines.  I hadn’t been recognised by The Music Teachers.  I hadn’t had one rehearsal for The One Song.  And now I wasn’t even recognised for The Acting.

There’s nothing like getting to opening night and not even being recognised by the crew.

What annoying things happened to you at school?

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