Monday, 27 January 2014

Musical Monday #45

Today’s Musical Monday is arbitrarily dedicated to all The Friends

I have more friends than this (at least ONE more)

Because there is nothing like a friend.  Nothing in the whole wide world.

Nothing Like A Friend from The Return Of Jafar

What's your favourite Disney sequel?


  1. Thank you for not posting Iago's song. I don't remember it. I just remember pain.

    Hmm. Doesn't the Genie sound a tad like Homer on times...

    1. He does, but that makes me feel mean towards Dan, so I wouldn't mention it. Iago sings in TWO of the songs, you lucky fellow.

  2. The Rescuers Down Under is a rare sequel which is better than the original movie, so I think it has to be my favourite Disney sequel..

    1. It's currently (not for long) the only sequel to count as one of the main 'Disney classics' too. To be honest, I don't know if I like any of the sequels. Lion King 1.5 is funny.


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