Monday, 20 January 2014

Musical Monday #44

I’m not still grumpy about it though, because I have indulged in several sure fire cheer-up tactics this evening, including flicking through my ever-increasingly-battered copy of Jane Eyre, burning my eyes out playing The Sims 3 and, oh, yes, enjoying a musical number.

On with Musical Monday then…

We’re Off To See The Wizard from The Wizard Of Oz

and yes, I needed to say 'giant' twice.

What annoying thing happened to you today?


  1. This made me laugh!

    And for the record, I had already decided not to mention the "giant" thing when I noticed your comment.

  2. The way We're Off To See The Wizard is edited together is like you're going mad. It's been a couple of seconds, TIME TO SING IT AGAIN! It's like one of those things people do on Youtube, something on a loop for 10 hours.


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