Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Top Four New Year Films

Frankly, 2013 sucked.  Not all of it all the time, and clearly it could have been worse, but overall it was, compared with many other years, a big pile of poopy, topped off by the fact that I have food poisoning. 

So bring on 2014, which will magically be wondrous and new and lovely.

And here’s The Guide to celebrating New Year the same way I showed you how to celebrate Christmas (by watching films).

4. Bridget Jones’s Diary [2001]

New Year is a time for resolutions.

Bridget is discarding the chaff of the past year and going to try not to make quite as big a tit of herself this coming year.  Well, some hope.

3. Ghostbusters II [1989]

New Year is a time for some humanity and brothery love.

That’s right, even the biggest jerks in the world (New Yorkers, apparently) can come together with some brotherly love at New Year and that kind of thing totally counteracts evil ghost overlords and mood slime.

2. The Hudsucker Proxy [1994]

New Year is a time for second chances.

Norville is spending New Year’s Eve looking back at the year and all that went wrong and has ended up on a ledge, but everyone deserves a second chance (even after they fall).

1. The Apartment [1960]

New Year is a time to set your life on track.

This is one of The All Time Favourite Films.  But the trailer starts by showing you the ENDING, so I refuse to post it here since it is one of The All Time Favourite Endings and I CANNOT BELIEVE THE TRAILER SPOILS IT!

So instead here is a random clip from the film (it's a little late on, but at least it's not the final lines, dammit):

It’s time for C.C. Baxter to be a mensch and Miss Kubelik to try falling in love with someone nice.

(and yet again, half this list include plots about suicide!)

So go, go happy and new and year, all of you.

Can you think of a 5th film about New Year?

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