Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Why I Never Became An Actor #2

Today The Mouse in its war against The ‘Art’ destroyed a really good drawing I had created of The Butler.  So when you look at The Images below, just remember you could be gazing at a drawing roughly 73% more amazing if The Mouse wasn’t EVIL.


By the time I’d reached double digits, I still hadn’t had any speaking roles in The School Plays (or The Church Plays for that matter – pretty sure I once got to be a flower).

So Junior School: the only roles that hadn’t yet been cast in this year’s school nativity were Mary and Joseph.

The Butler and I were standing in The Chorus (i.e. all us chumps who weren’t allowed to actually be in The Play) singing, kinda depressed because we wanted to be acting not singing, but still hopeful because we knew not every part had been cast yet.

The Director walked along the line of chorus, bent over, head tilted. 

The Bizarre Strut fascinated me and I closed The Mouth and watched.  What on Earth was she doing?

As The Director passed us, The Butler (allegedly my best friend) shouted:

like that would be THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD.

The Director shook her head.

She walked off, still bent in half.

Another crushing defeat.

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