Tuesday, 10 September 2013


So I was going through some old books from when I was a kid and deciding what to keep and what to give away when I found a couple of books I had when I was a teenager.  I never liked the books much, but they were supposed guides to being a teenager and therefore mentioned sex and therefore I read them.  Anyway, in the back of one of them is a tiny questionnaire where the idea is to fill it out one year and then fill it out the next and see if anything has changed and if this gives one perspective on one’s life.

So, thirteen-year-old The Hill,
let’s hear what you have to say.

Date: 4th February 1998 (Wednesday)
Biggest worries: When my cats will die.  Death, family, me being too skinny and The Butler.
Biggest hopes: The Butler (my boyfriend) will kiss me.
Best people: The Butler and The Person I Presume Must Have Been The Best Friend At This Time For Some Reason.
Best things: DRAMA
Other (worries, fears, hopes, dreams, loves, hates…): What career I want.

Well, wasn’t that fascinating.

Now, fourteen-year-old The Hill,
uh, your answers please:

Date: 5th Feb 1999 (Friday)
Biggest worries: Will Michael J. Fox get better from Parkinson’s Disease.
Biggest hopes: That he will be cured and that I will become a famous actor!
Best People: Michael J. Fox and The Person I Presume Must Have Been The Best Friend At This Time For Some Reason.
Best things: My six ‘Hill’s vids’
Other (worries, fears, hopes, dreams, loves, hates…): The Butler dumped me on 2nd Feb 1999!  I don’t care, there’s more important stuff in life to worry about.
Perspective on last year: This page is now completely wrong!

Well, wasn’t that completely enlightening.

For further enlightenment, feel free to ask me questions in The Comments and I will answer them now and then answer them again NEXT YEAR and we will all gain perspective.  Hoorah.


  1. What do you want to be doing a year from now?
    What did you do in the last year to get you towards your goal?

    You need to write down your answers for this year too!

    1. Oh tough questions! I'll get back to you.

    2. Oh yeah, forgot. What I want(ed) to be doing a year from now (then): be in employment and be getting published, and be saving money rather than spending my savings. What I did this (last) year to get towards my goal: sought a job (duh), did not make enough effort to get published at all and uh, spent my savings... Okay, see you next year for some more positive responses I hope.

    3. Okay, updated answers. What do I want to be doing a year from now? I want to be working in a good admin role, I want to maybe be planning on moving somewhere better and I want to be getting published.
      What did I do last year to get me towards my goal? Is that the goal I had last time? Uh, right, I am in employment so tick. Still not worked much on getting published. I am saving money. So partly successful. Let's focus on that getting published thingy.


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