Monday, 2 September 2013

Musical Monday #24

First off, a reminder that The Mouse is a JERK and it might have The Upper Hand right now and ruin all The Drawings but one day I will have The Upper Hand and there will be a hammer in that hand and then who’ll be laughing?
ME, that’s who.

So anyway…

And that’s true.

If a person is trying to say something like
All I hear is ‘Marvel’ before The Brain starts asking questions about what film Marvel is (are?) making next.

And the words ‘low key’ are absolutely ruined.  I never really noticed them before but now people seem to manage to slip them into conversation almost daily
and I 100% of the time always hear ‘Loki’.

And then this morning I went past this building on The Bus:
which to The Brain sure looks like a giant banner proclaiming

And also this morning I was innocently walking across the city square when suddenly I could HEAR Tom Hiddleston’s voice.  I considered The Possibility that I was going insane, but then I turned around and there was Tom Hiddleston on The Giant TV Screen we for some reason have in the city square.

It’s getting kind of annoying.

The Worst Part of it is that I’m not that obsessed with Loki any more.  You probably won’t believe me due to certain stick figures I may occasionally draw.
But it’s hard to stay interested in a character who is only in one thing I own (coz hell no I’m not buying Thor), and, well, Loki already has a massive army of fangirls (and boys) and for me that kinda makes it feel pointless to join in.

I’m just not sure how long it’s going to take The Brain to get The Memo with its desperate attempt to mishear and misread as many words as possible as Loki.

And as I consider The Previous Obsessions, like the Due South obsession and The Producers obsession and the ironic Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons obsession and The Bill obsession, I know that they always fade away until it’s weird to remember how silly I got over them.

It’s not as if years later they still flare up.

It’s not like this happened today or anything:

It’s not like I immediately ran giggling into the shop.  And then wrote a blog post about it when I got home.

It’s not as if I’m typing this post sitting at a desk with a toy Buick and my Homburg and a large talking Captain Blue doll and a key ring of DI Manson on it… 

Oh, and that Loki doll.

Okay, I know, you came here for Musical Monday.

Well here it is:

Welcome To The 60s from Hairspray


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    1. Thank you for adding to The Junk-I-Love Collection.

  2. This was a wonderful post. (Not, like, "compared to all those other non-wonderful ones". It's a complement! Oh, shut up.)

    1. You always say I can't take a compliment but you seem to be reacting without me saying anything. So what I'm saying is, it's your fault.


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