Sunday, 1 September 2013

Are Dragons Real?

First of all, I think you should know that The Mouse is broken.  When I left click, it double clicks, when I right click, it left clicks, and when I hold and drag it intermittently clicks on and off.  So drawing in Paint is suddenly about as easy as painting on a canvas if your brush kept jumping out of your hand and skewering the canvas or spewing its bristles all over your wet paint or stabbing you repeatedly in the eye until you went crazy and threw your painting out of the window into traffic and then had to go to court for causing a pile up and were sentenced to anger management sessions which were taught through the medium of art, except you still had The Same Bastard Brush.

You probably won’t notice any difference in the quality of The Illustrations though.  That is one of The Benefits of having zero talent.

So on with The Post.

I recently saw a photograph of a dragon.

The Immediate Reaction was
And then about a millisecond later The Rationalisation caught up, but I was still excited.
And then the rest of The Brain caught up.
(The Hair gets curly when it’s thinking)
And I realised
So I decided to look for The Original Image.
I found it.
(adding wings is a bit of fun, but changing its COLOUR?  That’s just evil trickery)
And so in conclusion

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