Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Musical Monday #23

Anything Goes from Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

Er… yeah… about Musical Monday, I seem to have done it again.

Oh come on, it was a bank holiday yesterday, so it barely counted as a Monday, did it?  So today can be Monday.  Just go with me.

I’ll give you TWO musical numbers to make up for it.

Thanks For The Memory from The Big Broadcast Of 1938 


  1. You're so generous! I always forget there's a song in Temple Of Doom. Their attempt to distract us from the later unpleasantness, perhaps.

    Going to ignorant-it-up now: what's Thanks For The Memory actually from?

    I miss Bob Hope.

  2. Okay, okay, so I somehow missed the title of the film RIGHT UNDERNEATH THE SONG I WAS WATCHING.

    Go ahead, have your laugh!

    1. HAAAAAAA. A mighty laugh.

      I always wonder what is with the random dance sequence in that song in Temple Of Doom which appears to be happening on some kind of sound stage in a parallel dimension to the bar the scene is in.

      Yeah. Bob Hope's awesome.


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