Monday, 22 July 2013

Musical Monday #18

I have spent today trying to get The Sims to install on The Computer.  It has not gone well.

I cannot play The Sims 3 on The Computer at all due to lack of video card so I have to play it on The Housemate’s laptop, but the game has now gone mental and I’ve probably lost all my families.  This weekend I had The Computer given more RAM so it would a) be faster, b) multitask as computers are SUPPOSED TO and c) load The Internet properly.  So today I thought at least I could play The Sims original game and The Pile Of Expansion Packs I’ve collected over the years on The Now Faster PC which, while not making up for the fact that my beautiful families are corrupted, is some consolation.  But it will not install.  And now even The Internet doesn’t seem to be working which I only just got working due to new RAM.  So all in all I am a tiny bit put out.

So I’m going to sulk and sulk and Musical Monday.

I Wanna Be Like You from The Jungle Book

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