Thursday, 9 May 2013

Useless Things I Found In My Room

The Room is in a perpetual state of ‘being tidied’.  Or rather, every now and then I have an almighty room tidy except something interrupts before I have finished and so The Room is left in disarray, with piles of sorted out things all over the place that eventually collapse and mudslide into each other and then other stuff gets left on top until it’s all just one big mess and I have another almighty attempt at tidying it all away.

Here are some of The Useless Things I found in The Room during The Last Tidy:

A small wicker dish.

A large white ribbon.

A pretty cage.

A huge glass jar that I keep for The Sole Purpose of crunching The Bare Toes into in The Morning.

A very limp blue stress ball of gunge that seems to be melting.

A robot cat that makes annoying noises, gets depressed and then turns itself off, leaving me feeling sad and guilty.

Old prescription glasses.

And Trapped In A Basket Bear, who I have now pinned to The Ceiling, so that every time I walk past it, I duck, The Mind screaming WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?

Oh, and about a million notebooks containing partial story ideas that one day I will actually have to read.

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