Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Mii Contest

The Mii Addiction ended with a mii contest.

The challenge was to create a mii who looked like ‘a shady salesman’.

Inspiration struck at once (due to my penchant* for Home Front history) and I set about crafting a mii based on Walker from Dad’s Army.  This wasn’t quite achievable and what I came up with didn’t do justice to the shady salesman aim.  

So I worked on The Mii for a bit and made him creepier and shadier and christened him ‘Mr Spiv’. 

I was quite proud of Mr Spiv. 

I entered him into The Competition.

Eventually The Submissions were passed on to judging.

To judge a mii contest, what happens is you are shown a small selection of The Entrants (ten, in fact).  You can pick up to three that you feel ‘best embody the theme of the contest’.  If you want to see more entrants, then you can swap these ten for another ten.

Now I must have looked at over two hundred miis and I am certain that was a tiny percentage of the actual amount of submissions.  And nearly all of them just appeared to be completely normal miis.  You know, people’s personal miis.  There was nothing interesting or remotely evocative of a shady salesman about them.  I saw maybe ten or so that were actually trying.

And I realised that it didn’t matter how hard I tried to make Mr Spiv look like a shady salesman or how accurate he was to The Theme.  Because the chances of him actually being seen by anyone was exactly that, chance.

I voted for The Three Miis I liked best, but I don’t know how many other hundreds of miis I never saw at all that fitted The Theme even better.  I got bored of swapping them after a few dozen times.

I realised that I no longer even cared if I won or lost.  So I don’t think I’ll be entering any more mii contests.  The chances of being seen, let alone voted for, are too small.

This is how well I did, although I have no idea what it actually means:

The top level is the 10th Level.  So being on the 9th Level is a lot better than I first thought when I saw it, but I’ve no idea how many other miis are on each level.  Is it 50 on each, or are we talking hundreds?

See what I mean?

* I know this word is pronounced in the French way, something akin to ‘po-sho’, but I really find that sounds silly and pretentious when said by English people.  So instead I’m going to say predilection from now on.

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