Monday, 6 May 2013

Musical Monday #7

Although The Point of illustrating The Blog with an old version of Microsoft Paint is that The Drawings are rubbish (therefore funny), I have nevertheless been trying to improve The Illustration Skills slightly to incorporate ‘movement’ and so forth so that they aren’t too static and therefore dull for YOU the audience.

What could be boring about this?

Therefore, I have been practising how to draw The Hill doing a variety of activities
such as playing pool

weight lifting

and football
all things that The Hill has never done and will never do.

There.  That was really helpful.

Okay, fine, let’s get on with Musical Monday.

Today’s musical number has a lot going for it,
  • it’s an example of good animation that’s plenty dynamic (to make up for my abysmal first draft doodles above)
  • it’s one of my favourite film scenes
  • and it’s pro-vegan too.

Les Poissons from The Little Mermaid


  1. Easily one of my favourite Disney songs. It taps into that vein of slightly dark humour that animated movies can do so well, like the Play Nice scene in Toy Story. (Not Disney, but eh.)

    1. Yay! The Little Mermaid has a lot of dark but fun humour. I really think they hit their peak with TLM.

      Plus Sebastian is one of those great put-upon sidekicks in the vein of Jiminy (sp?) Cricket.

      Toy Story is kind of Disney. It's owned by Disney.


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