Monday, 27 May 2013

Musical Monday #10

Today is The Last Day of Tortoise-Sitting.

Oh we’ve had some times.

They’ve eaten.

They’ve walked.

(There were going to be more videos here, but blogger won't upload films I took on The Camera, thanks blogger.)

TIMES, I tell you.

They’ve also played The Exciting Game of 'hide in The Bush at the end of The Garden and go to sleep, so when The Human comes to put us to bed for The Night it has to crawl into The Bush after us, which a) slowly destroys The Hell out of The Bush and b) scratches The Human all over'.

Thanks guys.

So it is goodbye from Harry,

And goodbye from Teefa.


And now for Musical Monday, this is from a film I haven’t seen (although I intend to) but it is a perfect example…

of how NOT to woo a woman.

EDIT: Unfortunately the clip containing the witty scene has been taken down, so all that remains is the song itself which isn't funny when taken out of context (the joke being that he just changes the name in his love song depending on who he is trying to woo).  

Rose Marie from, uh, Rose Marie

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  1. Tortoise video is complete with The Housemate asking what I am doing, and my response - part surprise at being snuck up on and part frustration that this is now on my video.


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