Monday, 25 March 2013

Musical Monday #1

I have recently had quite a few days like:


And sometimes even:

And then some moments as bad as:

And while in The Long-Term only long-term concrete solutions will do, in The Short-Term, I have discovered a panacea, which lasts a few minutes.  And sometimes living from minute to minute is The Best We Can Do.

You may have heard of it.

It’s called music.

It is best administered directly into The Ear through earphones, because this blocks out everything else and to a large degree makes even anger, fear and exhaustion (and rain) seem rather meaningless.

However, it doesn’t quite work in severe painful cold or while really needing The Loo, and it can have adverse effects when a sad song or a song with seemingly meaningful lyrics comes on.

But for The Most Part, for a few minutes at least, it creates a safety bubble where troubles cannot reach and I feel like:

and that allows confidence and strength to be nurtured and grow until it is just a little easier to face The Trials Of Life.

I have also been thinking recently about musicals, because there is a magic to musicals lacking from everyday life.  Because in a musical The Reason a character bursts into song is because there is no other way for them to express their feelings or desires.  So The Musical Number isn’t frivolous but actually incredibly potent.  So added to how I already feel about music right now, I think that a good musical number is just The Kick we need sometimes.

Therefore I declare for as long as I remember to do it, Mondays are now Musical on Hillesque.

So I’m off to trawl YouTube to see what musical numbers have actually made it on there.

I suppose it would be ungrateful of me to start a series of musical themed posts without The Producers since The Producers is The Favourite Musical.  Of course, when I say it is The Favourite, I’m referring to the stage show, not the film adaptation of the stage show, which I still love for reminding me of the stage show but is so damn stagy at times that I want to slap it, although it isn’t the worst stagy film musical by far, because that would be Carousel.

Anyway, stagy it may be, but how could I begin this series of posts without the very song that was on when I found The Muse (is there a word for muse that doesn’t mean ‘woman’?).  Again, that was the stage show and this is the film, but whatever, here it is folks...

We Can Do It from The Producers

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