Friday, 15 February 2013

The Jane Eyre Challenge - Part 7

The Housemate is continuing with Jane Eyre and still greatly enjoying it, and (even better) actually highlighting particularly good sections, which often happen to be bits I always consider very good, so I continue to be hugely gratified by this whole endeavour.

However, having chatted to a few people about Grape Jane Eyre, it seems that the point has been lost somewhere along the way, so I will now reiterate it:

The point of the Jane Eyre Challenge is...  if you haven't read the book Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, that the grapes inspire you to read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë faster than they can abridge and adapt it here each day on my blog.

So if you're following the grapes, and you haven't read the real book, then READ THE BOOK.

It's easy to get hold of.  There may even be a copy of it already in your house (there are at least two in mine).  You almost certainly know someone who can lend you a copy.  Pop into your nearest library.  Or even buy one.  It's stocked in all good bookshops and plentifully available online.

You'll probably enjoy it.  It's really good.

So on we go.

Today's segment is an omnibus, as the grapes summarise Grape Jane getting to know (and like) Grape Rochester, because I... I mean they... couldn't decide which bits to adapt.

Grape Rochester stays a while at Thornfield.  For some reason.

Grape Jane notices Grape Rochester's moodiness.

Grape Rochester tells Grape Jane about his past.

Tune in tomorrow for my favourite scene!

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